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With the rapid development in food and feed production and processing industry, petrochemical industry and auto industry at home and abroad, the demand in high-quality food-grade, feed-grade antioxidant additives BHT products continues to increase. With the support of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, as well as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), rely on long-term research and development, the accumulation of new technology formulations and new equipment technology. In Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, Jiangsu Maida New Material Co., Ltd. has built the world's leading equipment and production equipment whose process flow system controlled by automation technology. Simultaneously,the company has built the most industry-scale, first-class equipment, complete facilities of the production process and equipment engineering (technology) R&D Center. The total land area of 46,000 square meters requires a total investment of about RMB 300 million.

The company has formed the domestic largest device which leads to the actual annual production 10,000 MT of food-grade BHT, 10,000 MT feed-grade BHT, 10,000 MT of T501 products.

We always adhere to the technology and market-oriented. We also take the development strategy—Main Industry Prominent, Professional Focus, Scale of Service, Taking into Account the Related Industries, Supporting the Internet Electronic Technology. The company keeps up with the market, run by scientific management, and continuously improves the comprehensive management of enterprises and economic benefits. The company is sparing no effort to lead the position in the cost control, process innovation, scientific and technological research and development, quality control, automation and control, product monitoring and so on in the global industry.

Maida Co., Ltd. owns the international and domestic well-known brand——LARK. LARK produces best-selling products in 31 provinces and autonomous regions, including high-end grain and oil production and processing enterprises, feed, petrochemical enterprises, basic materials, new synthetic materials, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, pesticides, sporting goods, rubber, chemical fiber, textile,exported to Taiwan China,southeast Asia,Japan,Korea,Europe,North America and other parts of the world.

After two decades casting industry model. Jiangsu Maida New Materials Limited Company has officially listed in the National SME share transfer system since August 23, 2017. Stock abbreviation : Jiangsu Maida, stock code: 871964. Three new board listing success will open a new era of Maida Jiangsu. It also marks the development of innovation, the further standardized development of enterprises, in the consistent pursuit of corporate brand value and achieve efficient management, enterprises along the industrial chain aspect to development of a new level, to achieve a new leap!

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